The River Tweed Commission published its Annual Report today which includes the 2011 Salmon and Sea Trout catches. Overall 2011 was another encouraging year. The annual rod catch of Salmon, although down on the record-breaking figure of 2010, was at […]

Diseased Salmon’ – Follow Up Report

REPORT ON THE “DISEASED” SALMON OF AUTUMN 2011 Further to the Diseased Salmon in autumn article published on this site in mid November, The Tweed Foundation sent some samples for analysis. Here, the Foundation’s senior biologist, Dr Ronald Campbell, reports […]

A Sea-trout smolt caught in the Gardo fishery nets in the Tweed estuary  on 17th June 2010. This smolt was hanked up in seaweed and so  brought in by the net.  It shows the marine dress of Sea-trout smolts,  and why a local name for them was "Orange fins".

A Christmas Bonus from the Acoustic Tagging

As a major part of The Tweed Foundation’s work in the Living North Sea programme, Sea-trout smolts have been acoustic tagged so that they can be tracked down the River to the estuary to show up any problems, and to […]

Fish Able To Pass Upstream Unhindered

Fish Able To Pass Upstream Unhindered

During the course of the year, works have been underway on the A697 near Powburn to make repairs to the Hedgeley road bridge, where it was discovered that the bridge apron was subsiding; on one occasion, this main arterial route […]

Diseased Salmon

Due to the sheer number of fish in the River this autumn, disease appears to be more prevalent. Read about why this is, and what it is, in the Tweed Foundation’s latest paper in the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQs) section […]

So Many Fish ………. So Few Catches!

The Tweed Foundation has just produced an answer to a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) on Tweed: “How Long Do Salmon Stay Catch-able?” Particularly pertinent this autumn as the River is positively stuffed with fish, but the numbers are not translating […]

Sea-trout Like The Netherlands!

A recent recaptured Sea-trout from the River Tyne in Northumberland provides some interesting information on migration…….

Re: Watch Out – Pink Salmon About!

Re: Watch Out – Pink Salmon About!

The third Pink Salmon to turn up on Tweed in recent years……..

2010 Tweed Season

The 2010 Annual Report & Accounts were published by the River Tweed Commission today, giving comment on last year's season………..

Autumn Angling Available on Tweed

There are a few days' angling available on Tweed this Autumn in the Foundation's Auction ………..