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Haystoun Salmon Sea Trout
Mon 27/11 0 0
Tue 28/11 0 0
Wed 29/11 0 0
Thu 30/11 0 0
Fri 01/12 0 0
Sat 02/12 0 0
Last Week 0 0
Season to Date 0 0

Week So Far Mon 27/11 Tue 28/11 Wed 29/11 Thu 30/11 Fri 01/12 Sat 02/12 Last Week's Total Season to Date
Salmon 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Sea Trout 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

About Haystoun

Haystoun fishings are located downstream from the town of Peebles. The beat comprises approximately one mile on the north bank and half a mile on the south bank. There are seven named pools which fish best in medium to low water. The top of the beat is most easily accessed from the municipal car park in Peebles. This is only a short walk from the first three pools (Pailing End, Kingsmeadow and (Kerfield) which are fished from the north bank only. The lower pools (Blackthroat, Stobs, Lower Stobs and Wirebridge) can be fished from either bank, albeit casting is easiest from the north bank with the exception of Wirebridge Pool. Access to the lower part of the beat is easiest from the A72 by a flight of steps from an adjacent layby.

Haystoun is a beautiful beat, lying opposite Kingsmeadows House and Estate and offers easily accessible fishing for salmon and sea trout in the late summer and autumn. Whilst the beat has historically been productive, between 2008-2013, the water has not been fished at all hence the lack of catch data.

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