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About the Lees

The Lees beat is a two mile horseshoe of the River Tweed around Coldstream with twelve named pools.  The beat is well situated in the river as it is accessible to fish in low water and one of the first beats where fish hold up when the river is consistently high.

The Lees is fished as one beat.  Many weeks are let to one tenant for the whole week, but there are also half week and daily lets.  Four rods are let throughout the season.

The beat has two boatmen throughout the year.  There are two fishing huts, one for the rods and another for the boatmen, with WC. 

The Lees Salmon Sea Trout
Mon 04/12 0 0
Tue 05/12 0 0
Wed 06/12 0 0
Thu 07/12 0 0
Fri 08/12 0 0
Sat 09/12 0 0
Last Week 0 0
Season to Date 268 41

Week So Far Mon 04/12 Tue 05/12 Wed 06/12 Thu 07/12 Fri 08/12 Sat 09/12 Last Week's Total Season to Date
Salmon 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 268
Sea Trout 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 41

Current level: 2.519m

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