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The Yair beat consists of three miles of right bank fishing, bordering Peel to the top and Sunderland Hall to the bottom.

The beat offers a wide variety of fishing with more than 16 named pools, most of which are easily accessible.  Rods are let from April through to the end of November, and the water can be fished by up to seven rods. The beat is fly only.

There is a fishing hut equipped with a gas hob and running water.  For those without four wheel drive vehicles, and therefore unable to access the bottom end of the beat, there is a ghillie on hand to help.

The Yair Salmon Sea Trout
Mon 04/12 0 0
Tue 05/12 0 0
Wed 06/12 0 0
Thu 07/12 0 0
Fri 08/12 0 0
Sat 09/12 0 0
Last Week 0 0
Season to Date 39 14

Week So Far Mon 04/12 Tue 05/12 Wed 06/12 Thu 07/12 Fri 08/12 Sat 09/12 Last Week's Total Season to Date
Salmon 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 39
Sea Trout 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 14

Current level: 0.555m

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