Fish Counters

Tweed Fish Counters: results to August 2016

Tweed Fish Counters: results to August 2016. Results available at – fish-counters-16-08 Gala: Out of action due to problems with the video camera’s lens Whitadder: Reasonable counts for July and August considering the flows. The main interest here will be […]

Tweed Fish Counters – June 2016

Figures for the Tweed fish counters are attached: Fish Counters 16-06 Gala : No fish yet, as would be expected Whiteadder: A better count for June, up on last year. In terms of running totals to the end of June, […]

Tweed Fish Counter results to May 2016

Fish counter results to the end of May, 2016: see results here –Fish Counters 16-05 Gala Water counter: No fish, as would be expected at this time of year Whiteadder counter: An average count, but 50 or so up on last […]

Tweed Fish Counters: April 2016

Totals available at : Fish Counters 16-04 Gala Counter: No fish, as is usual at this time of year Whiteadder Counter: Both March and April had record numbers this year – though only small totals. The movements are typical, despite the unusual […]

Tweed Fish Counters to July 2015

Fish Counter results to the end of July 2015 – figures attached  Fish Counters 15-07 Gala counter– too early for more than a few fish yet Whiteadder counter- The numbers of Spring Salmon counted from April to June look as […]