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Tweed BioBlog Wednesday 3rd April 2013

Wednesday 3rd: A clean up day in the office – the Industrial Shredder came and took away 75 bin-bags of paper, max 15kg each, the waste of nearly 30 years. Other than tidying up, some preparations for getting traps and […]

Tweed BioBlog Tuesday 2nd April 2013

Tuesday 2nd April: Tweed Foundation Board meeting in the morning. At the end I gave the presentation on East coast Sea-trout genetics that I’d been sent as a summary of the Living North Seas work that has been done at […]

TweedBioblog Monday 1st April 2013

Monday 1st April: Technically, its Spring again, so starting to sort out the traps for juvenile emigrants / smolts. This year, having got a good baseline on Salmon and Sea-trout smolts in the Yarrow from the Tinnis trap will use […]

Gala Fish Counter Total for 2012

Gala Fish Counter Total for 2012  (see Attachment Gala 2012 ) The total count was well down in 2012, the drop being entirely in October, for both Trout and Salmon – all other months had normal levels. There are three possible reasons for […]