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Launch of Winter Grayling Fishing Log Book

The Tweed Trout & Grayling Initiative (TTGI) has launched a new angling catch log book aimed at winter Grayling anglers which are currently being handed out to local Tweed Grayling anglers.

If you fish for Grayling on the Tweed, or any of its tributaries, and would like to help the TTGI by recording your catches you can request a log book by calling Kenny Galt (the TTGI Biologist at the Tweed Foundation) on 01896 848 271 (office hours). The log books are a handy pocket size and are simple and quick to fill in with the most complicated thing asked for being an estimate on the rough size of the fish you catch.

Kenny Galt said, “As it is impossible to sample the number of adult Trout and Grayling in our rivers, angler catches are the only way we can monitor changes in these fish stocks. As very few anglers record their catch, this makes it very difficult to accurately assess any changes that have occurred /are occurring within our fish stocks. By completing a simple catch log book after each fishing trip and returning it to the Tweed Foundation at the end of the fishing season, anglers can help provide the TTGI with the information needed to closely monitor the adult Trout and Grayling stocks of the Tweed catchment on their behalf.”

See the attached photo of Kenny Galt with a Grayling he caught on the River Teviot at Ancrum.

As an added incentive for completing a log book, the TTGI is giving a rather smart, limited-edition, metal badge to the first 300 anglers returning a log book at the end of the season.