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Counter Starts Recording on the Gala

Tweed Foundation Biologist, James Hunt, reports that following the intermittent rain experienced on Tweed over the last few weeks, and good running conditions in the River for migratory fish, at least 10 fish have now been counted through the Gala Water fish counter this month.  Video images show that these fish were adult Salmon, Sea-trout and Brown Trout. 

With the torrential rain experienced last night and this morning, further fish movements through the  counter are expected during this month. With no Salmon recorded through the counter before July since the equipment was installed in Autumn 2006, this provides further evidence that early-running Spring Salmon caught on the main River do not come from the Gala Water.

Updates and counts from The Tweed Foundation's Gala and Ettrick appear on the
Tweed News site as they become available