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A Tweed Fisheries Biologist’s Week – Monday 11th August

Monday 11th August: Picked up the repaired electric-fishing machines in Pitlochry. Almost finish reading through Kenny's reports to the angling clubs.

Tuesday 12th August: Another day's fieldwork washed out. We have never lost so many days due to the weather before and it is beginning to look as if we will get very little done this Summer at all. So, inside again catching up with data. Go to The Junction, Rutherford and Boleside to collect scales and give out the pictures from the Marine Laboratory in Aberdeen showing various degrees of “Red Vent” damage and ask the boatmen to record what levels they see on each fish they collect scales from. There does not appear to be as much of this around this year as last.

Wednesday 13th August: Even more of a wash-out today, so Steven and Sean set to computerising old data tables out of 1890's fisheries report and I update all the catch spreadsheets with 2007 data. Should have done this months ago, but never got round to it.

Thursday 14th August: Out to check the Peebles trap and on some land ownership on the Yarrow, then the rest of the day inside, processing data.

Friday 15th August: Weekly staff meeting in the morning, office work in the afternoon.