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2009 Spring Salmon Conservation Measures on Tweed

The River Tweed Commission's policy on Spring Salmon Conservation remains in place for the 2009 season. 

The 2008 season produced the second highest catch in the last 23 years, at 2,361 fish. 67% of Spring fish were returned, unharmed, to the water, allowing them to continue up-river to spawn  and helping to conserve our still fragile Spring stock.

The 2009 Spring Salmon Conservation Measures see some changes to previous years with each rod that returns a Spring Salmon to the water being able to claim either a logo-ed sweatshirt or poloshirt from the RTC, limited to one per rod per season this time.  Alternatively, if the rod wishes, he/she can ask the RTC to make a donation to The Tweed Foundation, and there are no limits on the amount of donations that can be made for returning subsequent fish to the water, should you be lucky enough to catch several Springers!

For further information on the Measures and the implementation in 2009 follow this link:  Spring Salmon Conservation.

General information on how the RTC manage the River, including the latest Annual Report and the revised 2009 Angling Codes
can be found on the River Tweed Commission's website at: