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A Tweed Fisheries Biologist’s Week – Monday 9th March

Monday 9th March: Working on talk for the RAFTS conference and a budget meeting with Nick.

Tuesday 10th March: Finishing my talk on the management uses of long-term catch record analyses for the RAFTS conference tomorrow – but an e-mail in saying that the re-application for the North Sea Sea-trout will now require 6 monthly estimates of expenditure, needed by the 18th, so will have to get that done asap. James and Barry out today to check a local burn for Signal Crayfish. Kenny still working on the 1000 or so trout catch logbooks needed for the new season. Up to Perth for the RAFTS annual dinner in the evening.

Wednesday 11th March: At the RAFTS annual conference at Battleby, give my talk on long term catch records and their uses for fisheries management.

Thursday 12th March: To Alyth, in north Perthshire, to see the Beaver colony there, by kind invitation of the landowner, Paul Ramsay. Despite all I had read about Beavers was still unprepared for the scale of the impact they can have when they want to modify habitat to suit themselves. Three of the six dams built by the one stream colony were as high as I am tall and  unpassable by fish in any sort of usual circumstances – and absolutely not in a dry Autumn.   Even very substantial bankside trees had either been felled or had been well chewed so that they would fall – apparently Beavers will modify bankside vegetation to suit themselves by felling large,shading trees so the young shoots they prefer will grow.  By contrast, the colony on the lochan almost invisible, there being enough deep water for them without dam building and a good supply of water weeds for feeding on – though the odd tree taken and optimistic tooth marks on a very large Beech.  A most interesting day.

Friday 13th March : Working at home on revisions for the new, fifth edition, of the management plan.