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Fish Counter Results – October 2009

Fish Counter results for October 2009 : (see attachment) The Ettrick had a record headline count for an October, only the third time that 4,000 has been exceeded. The September count was the second lowest on record, fish ceasing to run in the second half of that month as water levels became very low, so it seems that the fish that could not run then, ran in October instead. However, the combined September and October totals for this year are also very good, and with November still to come, the overall count for this year has already passed the annual totals of 2004, 2007 and 2008 and is more or less equal to the total for 2003. The breakdown into Salmon and Trout totals will, however, take some time as the software glitch has meant that instead of 10 seconds of video for each fish, there are three still photographs instead, so there is  less information for each fish on which to base an identification, making it more difficult – and longer. This was, again, a very good Sea-trout year, so a good count of trout is expected.

The Gala count for October was also very good, almost exactly the same as last October. We have now had two high and two low October counts here, so it is still not clear what is “normal”. The overall total for this year is already past that of 2007.

Fish counters 09.10