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A Tweed Fisheries Biologist’s Week – Monday 13th December

Monday 13th December: A meeting of the drafting group for the Code of Good Practice in Fisheries Management at the Pitlochry laboratory. This is work being done for the Freshwater Fisheries Forum by the Instititute of Fisheries Management (Scotland), of which I’m a member.

Tuesday 14th December: More office work today, mainly on the evidence supporting the licence to cull predatory birds. Confirmed my attendance at a major Sea-trout workshop in February in Wales.

Wednesday 15th December: Finished the supporting evidence for the bird licence

Thursday 16th December: Catches and flow analysis in the morning, out with Niall in the afternoon to download automatic listening stations, but some under too much water to reach. A salmon recorded coming back down the Till – was tagged at Paxton on the 14th August, went up the Till on the 30th October and then re-passed the station at the bottom of the Till on its way back out on the 11th December, so a complete “biography” of a Till fish. Its this sort of information that allows us to put real flesh on the bare bones of what we know about our fish and deepen our understanding of how our system works.

Friday 17th December: Weekly meeting in the morning, then a half day off.