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A Tweed Fisheries Biologist’s Week – Monday 5th December

Monday 5th December: RTC council meeting at Kelso in the morning where I gave a presentation on disease in Salmon, & James on the summer’s electric-fishing and crayfish surveys. Admin etc in the afternoon – went through the draft of a paper on distinguishing trout fry orginating from the eggs of Brown- and Sea-trout by their body chemistry that had been prepared at Napier University: this  pilot study gave good results so am now looking at ways of gearing it up to cover whole tributaries.

Tuesday 6th December: Most of the day preparing my piece for the AST’s “Ocean Silver” meeting in London next week, where I am to give the “View from the Catchment” of the SALSEA Merge programme. For anyone who has been involved with Salmon for as long as I have, it really is quite astonishing to see just how much has been found out about Salmon in the sea in the last few years. In the 1970s the whole marine phase was just about a blank – and now with genetic tagging, the routes taken to the far North by smolts from some individual rivers can be plotted !

Wednesday 7th December: Finished off my piece for the London meeting. Kenny took the last trap out, the forecast being so dire.

Thursday 8th December: In the office all day again, started on various bits of data analyses.

Friday 9th December: Staff meeting in the morning, Christmas lunch in the afternoon. Report in from Stirling on the tissue samples taken from diseased fish – no signs of infection but a skin condition evident that would allow fungal colonisation.