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Tweed Fish Counter results to September 2012

Tweed Fish Counter Results to the end of September 2012 – see Attachment Fish counter totals to end September 2012

Ettrick: Not installed this year due to reconstruction works at the cauld and fish pass

Gala:  High water levels have allowed good numbers of fish to run in August and September, both months reaching new highs.

Whiteadder:  This counter does not, and was not intended to,  make total counts as fish can get over the face of its cauld at higher flows. The aim of this counter is, instead, to give qualitative information on the Salmon and Sea-trout runs of the Whiteadder; their sizes, run-timings and, in particular, their response to the freshets released during low flow periods on a river that is (normally) in the driest part of the catchment. As can be seen from the results, the run-timing of the Whiteadder fish is quite different from that of the Gala, showing how different the populations of different tributaries of the same river can be. The lower counts shown this year compared to 2011 will be due to the greater number of high flows this year allowing more to get over the face of the cauld.