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Tweed BioBlog – Monday 29th October: North Sea Sea-trout

Monday 29th October: It’s the end event of the Living North Seas programme in Newcastle in a couple of weeks time, and I’m due to give a presentation on the “Database for North Sea Sea-trout”  which is something I’ve been compiling on and off over the past year, whenever I’ve had time.  With the approach of the end, I’ve got to get  all the loose ends tidied up and try and see if I can fill any of the gaps. What is very apparent is how (relatively) good the Sea-trout statistics and research are that we have in Scotland (and, to a lesser extent, in England) compared to the other North Sea countries – in Denmark, for instance, there is no recording of angling catches of Sea-trout and only the most basic recording of netting catches on the coast. It’s an unfortunate lack, as it means that comparisons between the East and West sides of the North Sea can’t be made. Nor do the other countries have anything like the mass smolt tagging exercises that there have been on this side of the North Sea, so again, comparisons can’t be made between coasts. It would have been of great in interest to see what smolts from the West Coast rivers of Jutland did, to compare with what our East coast smolts do. Ours go to the Waddensea and Frisian Islands from the West – but do Danish smolts go to the same places but from a different direction?