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Tweed BioBlog: Friday 18th & Monday 21st October 2013

Friday 18th October: Weekly staff meeting in the morning, then out to the Peebles trap in the afternoon to try some more new bits for it. Called in on the way to see how James and Kenny were getting on trapping fish in the Gala fish ladder. This is done to give real measurements of fish to check against those the counter makes and to get scales for ageing. However, there were so many fish running the Gala today after the long period of low water, that they could not put the trap into the ladder as it would have created a dangerous “fish jam” – they were, however,  getting good numbers  just by  netting in the pots of the ladder.

Monday 21st October: Down to Paxton in the morning  to give the netting a last chance for this year, though the water really looked too high. It was possible, though the net had to be well held to keep it from heading down the river, but after a couple of shots and spell of waiting to see if fish could be spotted coming upstream so they could be intercepted, it was decided there wasn’t much point. However, the sight of a seal showed that others could catch fish at these water levels.

As we are coming in to the winter, when there is little outdoor work and a lot of indoor data processing and report writing, this BioBlog will take its winter break now and cease being daily,  only appearing when something of particular interest happens.