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Tweed BioBlog : trapping on the Gala

Monday 20th October 2014: As conditions were right again, after the rain, out with Kenny in the afternoon to run the trap in the Skinworks Cauld on the Gala again. About 1,000 fish had gone up over the weekend but the counter was still showing  good numbers going through. Trapped and measured up and took scales from  eight Sea-trout, 12 salmon and one Brown-trout: the best fish of the day was a Sea-trout of about 10lbs. One Sea-trout could actually be described as “fresh-ish” but otherwise all were well coloured.  It was interesting to see some of the female salmon were genuinely “tartan” in colour as hens don’t usually get as coloured as cocks, suggesting that they had been very early run fish indeed.

Tuesday 21st October: Back out to the Gala in the afternoon with Kenny as the counter still showing good numbers going up – about 70 by lunchtime. However, by the time we got the trap started things had slowed down a lot and there weren’t even that many showing at the cauld, so only seven fish, including one precocious salmon parr. The others were one very lively (adult) male salmon, three Brown-trout and two Sea-trout. Best fish was probably one of the Brown-trout, a fine fat female of 355mm. Not sure if we will be doing this again this year as the counter has clocked up about two and half thousand fish, which is about average for the Gala (though there were around 4,000 one year) with salmon making up between a third and a half of the total, the rest being mainly Sea-trout.  If there is another run with the next rain, will trap again, but will have to wait and see.