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Tweed BioBlog : More radio tagging

Wednesday 22nd October 2014: In the afternoon, everyone out to Philiphaugh to get fish for radio-tracking. Water a bit high for netting below the cauld, but managed to get three salmon, two males and a female. Also took scales from a Sea-trout that was caught.

Thursday 23rd October: Conditions better for netting, got seven salmon radio-tagged. Also got scales and measurements from two Sea-trout and from four nice Brown-trout of 1 to 1.5 lbs. Having used up the first lot of radio-tags, moved on to a second batch, which has been donated by the Dee Trust (in return for advice on fish counters from James)  and has  their name on the labels. If anyone finds  one of these tags in a decayed kelt  therefore, it doesn’t mean that a fish has come here from the Dee!

Friday 24th October: Out after the usual weekly staff meeting, but the water now down at Philiphaugh and few fish around, so didn’t get any for tracking, just one Sea-trout. The run at the cauld should be finishing now anyway as the main spawning time for the Ettrick springers is the last week of October and the first week of November.  We are hoping to tag some fresher November fish as well but as there are not so many of those in the Ettrick, it could be difficult. James has been downloading from the receivers set around the fish pass and the turbines but has not had the time yet to look at it.