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Tweed Fish Counters: April 2016

Totals available at : Fish Counters 16-04

Gala Counter: No fish, as is usual at this time of year

Whiteadder Counter: Both March and April had record numbers this year – though only small totals. The movements are typical, despite the unusual weather patterns this Spring.

The difference between the two counters again demonstrates that these two Tweed tributaries host very different stocks of Salmon. Spring Salmon typically belong to the upper zones and tributaries of catchments, but the Whiteadder enters the Tweed estuary rather than the river and so has its entrance at sea level. Radio-tracking has found that the Gala has mainly Summer fish, entering the river in July and August though not getting back up the Gala till the higher flows of Autumn. Being able to count different stocks into their home tributaries is a huge advantage for management as it can be seen if spawning targets are being met. It is a reasonable assumption that if the Gala Summer Salmon stock is meeting its target then all the other, uncountable, Summer Salmon stocks in the Tweed catchment are also meeting their targets.