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Tweed BioBlog: week beginning Monday 13th June 2016

Monday 13th June: Office work most of the day, including doing some reading and data analyses for  two working groups that I am a member of, one on Grilse Error and the other on Exploitation Rates, that are looking at how the new Conservation Limits system can be improved and include more local data. In the evening, down to the nets at Paxton, just two Salmon (best 13lbs) and two Sea-trout. Tuesday: more work for the two groups then out in the afternoon with Kenny to do a “rescue” of the lamprey larvae whose habitat was about to get covered by the stones used to make temporary access under the Old Tweed Bridge at Boleside during its restoration – removed and re-located 193 of them. In the evening, back down to the nets for a 21.00 hrs start – three Salmon and four Sea-trout, the salmon all in the same shot. One of the Sea-trout had a very new lamprey scar, with the blood still fresh in it. Wednesday: Wrote up a report on the Lamprey removal and then in the afternoon joined in by phone to the MSS / Local Biologists liaison group meeting being held at Faskally. Back down to the nets in the evening, nine Sea-trout and one Salmon (best trout 7lbs). Thursday: More test & trial analyses for the working groups meeting next week,  messaging with my counterpart on the Spey who was also working on the same topics,  then out to clean and check the trout traps in the afternoon. Friday: weekly staff meeting in the morning, then more test & trial analyses.