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Tweed BioBlog: week beginning Monday 15th August 2016

Monday: Started some training on how to insert acoustic tags into fish from an expert – we are hoping to be able to track some large Brown-trout from their home burn after they have spawned to see, amongst other things, if they do migrate long distances within the catchment (as we suspect) or stay more locally. If the former, then the management of these fish is a catchment-wide issue and not just a local one. Tuesday: At the first meeting of the Management Planning group, one of those that has been set up as part of the Wild Fisheries Review: Wednesday: Netting at Paxton, just three fish, two small and one large Grilse. Thursday – in the office all day, beginning to tidy-out my office which I will be vacating when I go part-time at the end of next month. Friday: More admin & office tidying.