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Tweed BioBlog: week beginning Monday 29th August 2016

Monday: an office day, apart from a bit of woodworking to make a “cradle” for the tagging of Brown-trout, which is planned for later this year. Netting today cancelled as a crew could not be put together. Tuesday: the first day of the annual Ettrick & Yarrow Fry Index electric-fishing, with added interest this year to see if there was any sign of flood damage to the numbers as we seem to have found in some other parts of the catchment. No sign of any adverse impact today however, with the Tima Water, the highest up tributary of the Ettrick having its 3rd best numbers on record. Middle Ettrick numbers also normal. Wednesday: back up the Ettrick again, and again normal numbers of fry (Kenny, on the Rankle Burn, found the second best numbers ever there). The six-monthly Boatmen’s meeting in the evening, at Kelso, where reminded them that the advice on Red Vent had been republished on this news site and that anglers should be told about this – almost every salmon I have seen at the nets this season has had Red Vent. Thursday: in the office all day, apart from a trip down to The Junction to give them a new measuring board, their old one having been lost along with their hut in the winter. Friday: at the Freshwater Fisheries Laboratory, Faskally, for a liaison meeting of the national water temperature monitoring network being run by Marine Scotland. Whatever distances we have to travel here to download these dataloggers, they are nothing compared to the major expeditions they have to mount in Sutherland to collect this data!