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Unusual Floy Tag Recapture

As described in previous issues, the floy tagging study is designed to look at the recapture rate of rod caught Tweed Salmon. However, it threw up an unexpected result on the 10th November.

Whilst capturing trout moving into the headwaters of the Leithen Water to spawn (part of a study to understand the relationship between Tweed Brown trout and Sea-trout), several Salmon were also caught.

One of the captured salmon, a male Grilse of 54cm (21”), had a Floy tag. The tag number showed it had been tagged at Dryburgh Upper on the 22nd July by Boatman Brian Douglas. The recapture provides the first direct link between a tagged rod caught fish and its spawning location. After being recorded, the Grilse was quickly released to continue its journey upstream.


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