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River Works and the River Tweed SSSI

We are contacting you to remind you of the Regulations regarding permitted works being carried out within the River Tweed and its tributaries. Over recent times it has come to the attention of various Authorities that unauthorised works have been carried out within the River Tweed catchment resulting in damage to the river. Consequently, enforcement action has been taken and financial penalties imposed.

As regulators and authorising bodies, we are keen to ensure that farmers, land managers and fisheries managers fully understand the Regulations and necessary permissions so that future incidents can be avoided. This letter is being sent jointly by the River Tweed Commission, SEPA, NatureScot and Police Scotland.

CAR Authorisation and SSSI Consent

Information on CAR regulations and SSSI consents can be found at the following organisation webpages:



A description of the River Tweed SSSI is given below for your convenience, along with a summary of NatureScot consents and CAR authorisation from SEPA.

It is strongly advised that you discuss your proposal with SEPA, NatureScot and the River Tweed Commission if you wish to carry out any work in the River Tweed, or its tributaries. It is important that you understand that, even if you have been granted a CAR authorisation, consent must also be authorised by NatureScot and the River Tweed Commission. It may constitute a wildlife crime if you carry out work without all relevant authorisations in place. Contact details for authorising agencies are:



River Tweed Commission:

Police Scotland:

Open Day

To offer further help, we are holding an open discussion session at Born in the Borders, Lanton Mill, near Jedburgh, off the A698 between Denholm and Ancrum. This will take place on 20th October between 10.00 and 15.00. Discussion sessions will start on the hour, every hour, when we will walk to a large gravel bank on the Teviot to help explain good river management.

The event gives you the opportunity to discuss any proposed river works with the authorising agencies. Officers will be available to provide advice and guidance on the day, or alternatively, we can arrange a follow up visit to discuss the issue on your land.

Yours sincerely

Victoria Reeves   Stuart Macpherson   Jamie Stewart   Steven Irvine

SEPA   NatureScot   River Tweed Commission   Police Scotland

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