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Our Wild Salmon: film series - FMS

Our wild Atlantic Salmon are built in to the very fabric of Scottish history and civilisation. For thousands of years, they were considered a limitless natural resource. These gleaming, strong and determined creatures, travel in shoals across the Atlantic Ocean back and forth in search of food, returning every year to the same gravelly pools that they were born in, to spawn and kickstart the next generation. Now, in as little as a few decades, they have dwindled in numbers to near extinction because of human activities.

The jeopardy facing wild Atlantic Salmon is desperate and very real. In every stage of their lifecycle they are indicators of the health of ecosystems from streams to rivers and to the open ocean. Salmon truly are the King of fish, we have to listen to them, understand them, and act for them. The underwater world of Our Wild Salmon may be out of sight, but it is not out with our influence. We can ALL work to protect and conserve these amazing creatures, and if we all come together, we can allow them to thrive once again.

These films celebrate Our Wild Salmon and the amazing people that strive to ensure that their habitat is as good as it once was, and to keep it that way for our children and future generations. We explore just some of the many pressures faced by Our Wild Salmon in Scotland today, and how we can ALL make a difference to THEIR survival, and to the wider ecosystems they depend on.

The films can be viewed here:

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