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Poaching Prosecution

One of the most serious poaching incidents in recent years has ended up with a successful prosecution at Newcastle Magistrates Court.

Three men from Eyemouth and Berwick area were fined a total of £2,322 for the use and possession of a trammel gill net with 3 salmon and 9 sea trout inside the net on the River Till.

All three men plead guilty to gang poaching and the aggravated use and possession of a trammel gill net.

Enforcement across the Tweed Catchment.

The River Tweed Commission employ a team of Fishery Officers (Bailiffs) to enforce the fishery laws and regulations in the Tweed district. Their role in this context is virtually that of a policeman - indeed a Fishery Officer is vested with many of the powers of a police constable.

Enforcement work is essential to ensure fish populations are protected. The work includes: auditing and inspecting fish movements, patrolling rivers to check no one is fishing in the closed season, looking for unlicensed and prohibited nets and lines and educating the public and fishery owners - read more.



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