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Scotland warned to brace for significant water scarcity

The latest report, published on SEPA’s website, reveals there has been no respite in any area, and the risk has increased for most. The isolated thunderstorms have done little to alleviate the situation and ground conditions continue to dry rapidly.

The hot, dry weather is expected to continue and dominate into late June and early July, with any further short periods of intense rain unlikely to help water levels recover sufficiently. It follows a drier than average winter across most of the country, and a particularly dry May when Scotland received only 44% of the long-term average rainfall.

Engagement with businesses abstracting water from the environment has been ongoing to help build resilience and warn of the increasing likelihood of extreme weather events such as water scarcity. Guidance has been issued on which abstractors may be excluded from restrictions or have the volume of water they can take reduced rather than stopped. This will only be possible for a small number of abstractors. SEPA will be in direct contact with businesses affected to provide additional advice. You can read the news release here. 

SEPA have now issued the latest water scarcity report for 2023 and the report can be viewed here.

Photograph RTC Chairman Peter Straker-Smith and Clerk to the RTC Jamie Stewart,  taken Friday 17th June. Image Credit Phil Wilkinson 


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