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River Tweed Auction Now Live 2023

Salmon fishing experiences are some of the lots on offer in a special online auction to raise money to support the work of the Tweed Foundation.

The Drygrange-based charity works to protect, improve and enhance fish stocks in the River Tweed system. Its efforts are vital in both environmental and economic terms with the most recent survey* showing that the Tweed fishery contributes around £24 million every year to the local economy and provides 513 jobs.

Overt 100 Lots have been generously donated to help raise funds to support its efforts and will be offered as part of a three-week online auction running from Friday 3rd November until Sunday 17th December, 21.00hrs. 

Tweed Foundation Auction 

Please get involved with our auction and help make sure the Tweed Foundation are still able to keep supporting the health of the River Tweed catchment and all who depend on it for employment, recreation or simple health and wellbeing.


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