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Who we are

Image of Hugh Younger

Hugh P Younger


Hugh started as Chairman of both the RTC and Tweed Foundation in 2019.

Jamie Stewart


Jamie joined the team as Clerk to the RTC and as Director for the Tweed Foundation in 2020.

Image of Alison Gorrie

Alison Gorrie

Executive Administrator

Alison started her role as the Executive Administrator for both the RTC and Tweed Foundation in 2020.

River Tweed Commission Staff

Karl Ferguson - Head Fisheries Officer
Alan Davison - Fisheries Officer
Tommy Heard - Fisheries Officer
Kenny Graham - Fisheries Officer
Paul MacLean - Fisheries Officer

River Tweed Commission Committee

Hugh Younger

Committee Member

Image of person

Peter Huddleston

Committee Member

Larry Thomson

Committee Member

Nigel Fenton

Nigel Fenton

Committee Member

Johnny Rutherford

Committee Member

Ronnie Glass

Ronnie Glass

Committee Member

Duke of Roxburghe

Committee Member

Kenny Annand

Committee Member

David Platt

Committee Member

Peter Straker-Smith

Committee Member

River Tweed Commissioners

M. Crozier
J. Fairgrieve
Dr D. Gray
P.J. Huddlestone
M. Keysell
P.J.H. Neate
L. Thomson
F. Turnbull
B. Turner
K.D. Annand
D.G. Fyfe
M.W. Ireland
E. Robertson
M. Stuart
R. Cockburn
S. Emmerson
J. Harvey
C.R. Scott
J.P.H.S. Scott
W.A. Virtue

H.P. Younger
J. Nicol
I. Davis
R. Glass
N.S. Highmore
D. Noble
J.M. Reddin
T.W. Reid
J.T. Scott
R. Young
J. Cameron
P. Cowe
G. Hill
A.H. Murray
G. Renner-Thompson
G. Roughead
R. Tebay
M. Baker
C.K. Balfour
P.A. Baxendale

Lord Biddulph
A. Brough
J.McK. Brownlie
B. Burbridge
C. Crawford
M. Cuddigan
D.J. Dobie
A. Douglas-Home
G. Edgar
N. Fenton
I. Fleming
J.R. Gardiner
E.R.T. Harris
Lord Edward Innes-Ker
F.G. Jennings
J.H. Lovett
J. McCorquodale
C.A. Matheson
T.P. Metcalfe
J. Miller

R.J. Onslow
P. Pitchford
D. Platt
J. Pringle
The Duke of Roxburghe
J.C. Rutherford
J.G. Scott
R.D. Smyly
P.D. Straker-Smith
W. Straker-Smith
The Duke of Sutherland
D. Theaker
N. Thompson
R. Trotter
Dr N. Walters

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