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Tweedability are specially designed boats that enable less-able anglers to fish the River Tweed. The boats were designed by a collaborative group of the Wheelyboat Trust, the Tweed Foundation and the R.T.C.

The boats are specifically suited for use on fast-flowing rivers such as the Tweed. The user does not have to leave their wheelchair and accesses the boat by a ramp from the bank with a hydraulic lift inside the boat lowering them to the correct height for fishing. The boats can be powered by an outboard motor or rowed and are very manoeuvrable despite the additional ballast weight which provides extra stability.

There are two Tweedability boats which are available to any disabled or less-abled angler who would like to use them. They have been well trialled and work extremely well but as they have to be moved around the River access arrangements have to be made.

If you would like to enquire about using the Tweedability boats, please do get in touch.

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