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Obstacles and Easements

Obstacles and Easements

An important part of the TTGI is to monitor the trout spawning burns throughout the catchment. Of particular interest is the identification of obstacles within these burns that prevent or restrict trout access. By removing or easing passage at obstructions, the Tweed Foundation are able to open up new spawning habitat and boost the production of juvenile trout throughout the catchment.

We are always on the look-out for any obstacles within the river system preventing trout from reaching their spawning grounds. Obstacles come in various forms - including caulds, culverts and fallen trees. Many obstacles can simply be removed from the water, but some require easements that allow the fish to get over the obstacle and continue upstream.

There have been a number of fish easements installed throughout the catchment as part of TTGI.  In many cases, the benefits of the easements can already be seen, with burns in which juvenile trout were completely absent before, now having a healthy juvenile trout population.

If you come across any obstacles within the catchment that could restrict trout access to spawning grounds, then please contact the Tweed Foundation.

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