Close-up of Brook Lamprey spawning.

Brook Lamprey Found Spawning on a Tributary of the Leader Water

Excellent shots of Brook Lamprey spawning caught by the Tweed Foundation

Tweed’s 2007 Spring Fish Bigger Than Usual

The usual sort of Tweed Spring Salmon ranges from 6 to 12lbs, small compared to those in some other rivers. However, this year there have been a number of larger fish caught, some even over 20lbs. This is of great […]

Come In No. 481, Your Time Is Up . . . . . Again!!

Tweed's 'excessively lazy Grayling' theory continues

Re: Possible  Link Between Size of Tweed Fish & Numbers of Grilse

Re: Possible Link Between Size of Tweed Fish & Numbers of Grilse

As can be seen from this chart, when numbers caught in the second half of the season started to increase in the late 1940’s (black line), average size (white columns) began to decline slowly (solid blue arrow). The late 1950’s […]

Unanimous Agreement on Aquaculture & Fisheries Bill Principles

The Scottish Parliament has unanimously agreed the principles of the Aquaculture and Fisheries Bill.

Gyrodactylus – Scotland’s Contingency Plan

A contingency plan to tackle a disease which could wipe out 2,000 jobs if it contaminated Scottish salmon stocks was published on Monday. Gyrodactylus salaris (Gs), a deadly parasite of Atlantic salmon, is not present in Scotland but is found […]

Tweed Salmon – Numerous, but Getting Smaller?

Long-term decline in average weight of fish caught began in the mid-1980's