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Targeted Tree Planting For River Temperature Management

River Tweed Commission

The River Tweed Commission (RTC) is a statutory body with responsibility within the River Tweed and Eye catchment for the protection and improvement of its Salmon, Sea trout and other freshwater fish populations.


Tweed Foundation

The Tweed Foundation provides the science upon which our fisheries management is based in the River Tweed: it is key to maintaining our river as one of the world’s most famous angling destinations.

Tweed’s unique conservation status depends upon knowledge and objective decision making; the Foundation's work is integral to this. 

River Tweed Members

Become a River Tweed Member and get access to a wide range of deals, from vehicle discounts to wine tasting with membership of a wine club.  You will also be able to access discounts in the River Tweed Shop - home to River Tweed merchandise.

Becoming a member of River Tweed will also help to look after the Tweed for future generations by supporting the work of the Tweed Foundation.

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