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Diseased Salmon

Due to the sheer number of fish in the River this autumn, disease appears to be more prevalent. Read about why this is, and what it is, in the Tweed Foundation’s latest paper in the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQs) section […]

So Many Fish ………. So Few Catches!

The Tweed Foundation has just produced an answer to a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) on Tweed: “How Long Do Salmon Stay Catch-able?” Particularly pertinent this autumn as the River is positively stuffed with fish, but the numbers are not translating […]

Sea-trout Like The Netherlands!

A recent recaptured Sea-trout from the River Tyne in Northumberland provides some interesting information on migration…….

A Tweed Fisheries Biologist’s Week – Monday 9th May

Stock analyses and smolt tracking this week.

A Tweed Fisheries Biologist’s Week – Monday 7th November

Monday 7th November: On leave Tuesday 8th November: On Leave Wednesday 9th November: SFCC Trainers’ day at the Faskally laboratory – at this meeting as I do the scale reading training. Arrangements made for the next holding of the course, […]

Fish Counters results for October 2011

Counts – on the attachment. Ettrick:  No count for this Autumn as it is now clear that the construction works have altered the face of the cauld so that fish can get over. Gala: The highest yet count for an […]

A Tweed Fisheries Biologist’s Week – Monday 31st October

A Tweed Fisheries Biologist’s Week – Monday 31st October

Monday 31st October: On traps this week, but Kenny came along today as well as  he had a cunning plan for the Peebles trap to make it more leaf-resistant. To the Tweedsmuir trap first, four males going upstream, two small and […]

A Tweed Fisheries Biologist’s Week – Saturday 22nd October

Saturday 22nd October: In Scotby, near Carlisle, to chair a session of the Eden Salmon summit, a meeting held by the Eden Rivers’ Trust and others to consider the present situation of the salmon there and organise for the future. One […]

A Tweed Fisheries Biologist’s Week – Sunday 16th October

Sunday 16th October: Checked the Tweedsmuir trap, 3 more coming down, one spawned female, one spawned male and an unspawned female. More than usual coming down, suspect all the water this summer took adult fish up the burns Monday 17th […]

Fish Counters’ results for September 2011

The results are on the attachment: Ettrick: A poor September total, not unprecedented, and possibly due to the disturbance of the construction and all the high water this month. The approaches up to the fish pass have been much altered […]