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Tweed BioBlog – Thursday and Friday, 18th and 19th October:

Thursday 18th October: Power interuption all today, so out of the office collecting up scales etc.  Later, was able to mount scales for reading, though not to read them. Kenny out doing traps in the rain, but James put his computer on to a generator and so was able to stay comfortably in the office. Had had an afternoon’s fishing planned, but it was cancelled due to the spate.

Friday 19th October:  Weekly staff meeting in the morning, then spent the day on various bits of admin and reporting. A proposal in for re-starting abstraction from the upper Dye Water, so started to draft a response to that from the fish point of view. In the late afternoon off down to Carlisle, where I will be chairing a session of a workshop being held tomorrow by the Eden Rivers Trust on their proposed fisheries management plan.