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Fish Counters totals for October 2012

Fish Counters totals – see attachment

Ettrick – Out of operation while the cauld is being rebuilt

Gala – Separating out the trout and salmon has been difficult this Autumn because of the main days when the river has been dirty during floods. This is not a problem for counting fish, which used the Infra-red, but identification depends on the 10 second video clips stored for each fish registered as passing upstream – and in dirty water this is not possible. Splitting the fish in to species under such conditions therefore depends on analysis of their sizes, which takes longer. The October total is well down for this year, but so far 500 have been counted for the first half of November, which perhaps indicates some delay in the run.

Whiteadder – out of operation due to faults, now re-installed.

Attachment Fish counters 12-10