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Tweed BioBlog 1st week of November 2013

Occasional Winter BioBlog

This week has been rather a mix. The basic work has been the writing up of the Lamprey survey for Natural England, but I have also been on trap duty this week – the main trap catches the trout coming down as well as going up so it can be seen how long they spend upstream. The main run up was two weeks ago and they are coming down again now – that’s the usual pattern there, about a fortnight up in the stream. All the females I’ve seen have been well spawned out, some of the males still with a full flow of milt, others largely dried up.

To contrast with this,  I have had some work to do for next week’s ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea) workshop on Sea-trout in Copenhagen. The system is that all the participants are assigned two of the discussion sessions to compose  introductions for, with a different partner for each one, so I had  a Polish partner for the “Assessment in to Management” session and a French partner for the “Freshwater Phase Habitat Preferences / Ecology / Behaviour” one. As they all had to sent in by the Friday and we only  got the topics last week, this was a bit of a rush.

James has been writing up reports too, for various Ecological Impact Surveys as well as getting on with analysis of the Summer’s electric-fishing data. Kenny has started work on the trout catch logbooks for this year and also went out to help the Glasgow student collect a few more broodstock fish.