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Tweed Foundation – Biology work in January 2014

Summarising some of the work that The Tweed Foundation has undertaken over the preceding month…

A month for writing up and analyses: the fish counter totals and the electro-fishing results were produced. The data from the trout fishing logbooks from last season was computerised, analysed and the results written up in newsletters for the angling clubs, one of which is attached here:  2014 Spring Newsletter Lower Tweed . A start was also made in getting the new Log Books for this season ready.

The regular January Cormorant and Goosander count was made in good weather but high water  levels prevented the sampling of any kelts for the disease study (at Stirling University.) A check on some possible impacts of  work for the new Waverley railway  on the Gala Water was made for the construction company. Presentations on the life cycle of the Salmon were given at Kingsland Primary School (in Peebles) and the six-monthly Tweed Boatmen’s meeting was attended, as was the annual SFCC Biologists’ meeting.

Following discussions over many years, Scottish Borders Council are to build a new fish pass on the Yarrow at the St Mary’s Loch outfall. A new standard Health & Safety operations plan was agreed with the owners of the hydro scheme at Philiphaugh on the Ettrick.

Further information on The Tweed Foundation, including detailed reports and the full Tweed Fisheries Management Plan can be found on its dedicated website.