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Tweed BioBlog : Spates, meetings and tagging

Wednesday 29th October 2014: Water too high for anything on the river today, so everyone in the office trying to catch up on reports and data processing. When something of high priority like the radio-tracking at Philiphaugh comes along, everyone has to concentrate on it and everything else goes on the back burner.

Thursday 30th October: Meetings all day for me, in the morning about the possibilities for a fish counter in the new fish pass at Philiphaugh and in the afternoon, with the RTC committee about the report of the Wild Fisheries Review. James and Kenny were out at Philiphaugh trying to get more fish to tag, but couldn’t.

Friday 31st October: A salmon brought in from Carham for examination  as had unusual marks on it. Not seen anything like them before and only thought was that it looked as if something with widely spaced teeth had had a bit of a grip on it, a Dolphin or Porpoise perhaps. Took photos for the record, in case anything similar turns up again. Monthly joint staff meeting with the RTC in the morning, then all out to Philiphaugh to try and get more fish for radio-tagging. Little to be seen and only got one very coloured, female, salmon and a couple of Sea-trout, one of which could almost be described as almost fresh. As nothing doing, packed up about 14.00 and back to the office