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River Tweed Commission

River Tweed Commission

The River Tweed Commission is the body which, by law, protects and manages the Salmon and other freshwater fish in the river Tweed.  Our mission is to protect Salmon migration and stocks, balance differing interests, and ensure a flourishing future for all migratory and non-migratory fish in the river.

Current News

RTC joins new Scottish Borders Partnership Against Rural Crime (SBPARC)

14th Sep 21

The Scottish Borders Partnership Against Rural Crime (SBPARC) has been launched as part of a Borders-wide commitment to tackling rural crime across the region.

SEPA Freshets

8th Sep 21

Please be advised that SEPA have requested freshets from Fruid/Talla, Baddinsgill/West Water and Whiteadder this week.

SEPA Tweed Water Clarity Information

30th Jul 21

The RTC has reported concerns over the poor water clarity in the Tweed to SEPA and requested that they investigate the possible cause, SEPA have provided the following information from this investigation.

Interactive Catchment Map

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