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Tweed Foundation

For the good of the river

The Tweed Foundation is a charitable trust working to protect, improve and enhance the stocks of all native freshwater fish species within the River Tweed system. We are at the forefront in bringing a professional, scientific approach to fisheries management and are engaged in an extensive programme of biological monitoring and habitat enhancement with the aim of protecting the Tweed’s valuable fish stocks and maximising the river’s natural productivity.

Current News

Provisional fish counter totals

3rd May 22

Provisional fish counter totals for 2022 are now available.  Despite fish being seen passing through both the Ettrick and Whiteadder counters, numbers remain low, reflecting the low water conditions.

Sponsor a smolt

3rd July 23

Losses at this stage of the life cycle cannot be replaced. With numbers of returning adult Salmon continuing to decline, we need to make sure as many make it to the sea as possible.

The River - June

3rd July 23

The River - Issue June 2023 is now available. This issue includes water temperature, brown trout and TweedStart Plus and exciting new initiative at the Tweed Foundation.

Map of the Tweed and Eye Catchments

Get Involved

The Tweed Foundation are always looking to engage with more people about the river and the work that we do.  One way in which we do so is by giving you the chance to get involved and take part in some of what we do, and there are various ways in which you can do so!

Support Us

The work being carried out on the river by the Tweed Foundation is essential in monitoring the health of the river and its fish stocks.  As a charitable trust, much of our work depends on external funding and we are always incredibly grateful for any kind of support received.

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