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Connecting people and the river

The Tweed Foundation wants to engage and enthuse people of all ages with the river Tweed.  Our broad educational programme includes – our schools initiative “Go Wild For Fish”, our angling initiative “TweedStart”, visiting shows and events, getting you involved with our work through citizen science, and Tweed TV.

Go Wild For Fish

Go Wild For Fish started in 2019 and encompasses all the work we do with schools throughout the Tweed catchment. We offer short sessions and longer projects in which classes will learn about the River Tweed and the diverse animals and plants living in it.
We offer sessions for different age groups and all of our lesson plans fit in with both the Scottish and English curriculums.


TweedStart aims to get people throughout the Tweed catchment fishing. With particular emphasis on youngsters, it encourages children to take an interest in the ecology, nature and future of the river and alerts them to the importance of a healthy river system for angling.

By offering both school-based sessions and TweedStart days - in which youngsters get an introduction to fishing with the help of fully qualified angling instructors – TweedStart provides a great opportunity for people to get into fishing.

Shows + Events

Throughout the year, we take part in a number of different shows and events across the Tweed catchment, engaging people of all ages with our work on the River.
Shows and events include the opening of the Salmon Season 2023, Trout Season opening 2023. Border Union Show, Glendale Countryside Day for Children, the Hirsel Estate day (run by the Royal Highland Education Trust), Bang Goes the Borders, Tweed River Culture Festival, Traquair BioBlitz and others.

Ian Gregg River Academy

The Ian Gregg River Academy is an education facility in which you can learn all about the River Tweed and the organisms living in it.  Whether you are a school group, taking part in our citizen science programme, or just out for a wonder, come and work your way through interactive online material, observe the Tweed's different fish species in our fish tank and study freshwater invertebrates through our microscopes.

Tweed TV

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