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Trout Angling Associations

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Ednam House Hotel on the banks of the river Tweed at Kelso overlooking Junction beat.

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The River Tweed has a growing reputation as an excellent fishery for wild brown trout and grayling and is particularly well known for its large fish.

The wild brown trout fly fishing season extends from 15th March to 6th October, although many clubs restrict their trout season to 1st April to 30th September. 

Grayling fishing is available throughout the year, but some clubs restrict their season to 1st January to 30th September. Please check with the individual association/angling clubs for their season and rules. 

If you would like to fish for trout and grayling within the Tweed catchment, information on permits can be found by clicking on the map above and the Angling Associations below.

Please complete the Trout and Grayling online log book so we can continue to record angling effort, including the number and the sizes of each fish. The Tweed Foundation can use this information to assess the health of the Tweed’s trout stock.


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